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Welcome to the NXC (North America) Blog. We are passionate about the web – and enabling people to use the web to communicate effectively whether that is to customers, co-workers, their bosses or the rest of the world.

This blog is for those of you who are interested in web stuff – be it designing developing and managing websites or web applications. After 10 years and a bunch (yes a bunch is the technical

number for more then I can count) of websites we have learned from others, learned from our successes and learnt from our mistakes – what you find in here may or may not be helpful for you!

In any case we hope that you find the posts here insightful in the world of open source products and design. We believe in what we do- and we believe in empowering others with the tools to become successful-  and you will read that here. Feel free to comment, initiate discussion (appropriate discussion) even if you think we are a bunch of jackasses trying to pull more weight then we should! Enjoy. At one of the other blogs I enjoy reading they have a great comments policy – if you are unsure of manners and how to be critical without be abusive – check out the policy - because it is more or less what we will adhere to.


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