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When to Use Facebook vs. Twitter for Sharing

When to Use Facebook vs. Twitter for Sharing


I’ve had the question come up a few times recently about when to use Facebook versus when to use Twitter to share links and news for my small business or non-profit. The easiest way that I can think of to explain when to use Facebook or Twitter is to compare it to what we would share IRL (in real life)

When to Share Using Facebook

I see Facebook sharing as being a bit more substantial than sharing something on Twitter. I say this because in my opinion I would expect a lot more shared on Twitter than Facebook. Facebook I try to limit to one to three shares a day, while on Twitter I would say that sharing upwards of one or more time an hour would not be uncommon.

Things I would share on Facebook

  • Articles written on company / organisation blog
  • Articles written by the director or CEO
  • Articles that significantly affect your industry
  • New company products or services

Personally when I think about sharing on Facebook I think about as something that I would call someone up to tell them about, it has to be significant.

When to Share Using Twitter

My Twitter sharing is generally a lot looser than my Facebook sharing. I share things on Twitter that I would not consider sharing on Facebook because it is a looser and more prolific location for sharing. That said, if I do share something on Facebook, I will also almost always also share it on Twitter (but never with an automated service, I hate those).

Things I would share on Twitter

  • Everything I would share on Facebook
  • Research papers or articles about your industry
  • Statistics about your industry
  • Company / Organisation press releases
  • News or articles about parallel / support industries
  • Photos from company / organisation events or gatherings
  • How to articles or videos about your industry
  • Replies to questions or comments about your industry
  • Articles / blogs written by employees or volunteers
  • Retweet articles written by leaders in your industry
  • Thank you messages to people who retweet your Tweets or articles
  • more …

As you can see, the list of things that I share on Twitter is quite broad. What I think about when I go to Tweet something is if I think my followers would be interested in it or could benefit from it. If the answer is yes to either of those questions then I share it.

Because of the nature of Twitter you should also not be afraid to Tweet multiple times to articles that you have written or think are interesting, but make sure to write it up differently each time.

In future articles I will write about different ways that I manage my sharing on Facebook and Twitter to maximise the impact on those platforms…

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