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Don’t Forget About Your Blog

According to a recent University of Massachusetts study of Fortune 500 companies, only 34% are actively maintaining a corporate blog. Over 70% are active on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter and Facebook are great distribution channels for your content. However, they are very poor homes for your content. Once you post something there, you lose control of it. Also, content on both Twitter and Facebook has a very short shelf-life. Content posted to Twitter or your Facebook page quickly scroll by the walls or feeds of the intended viewers. If they don’t see it within a day or so of your posting, they likely never will. The use case for both services is focused on real-time content. Archiving is afterthought at best on both services.

Compare that with a corporate blog. It lives in an environment that you control. Websites and blogs are built with archiving in mind, so the content is findable later. Further, posting to Facebook and Twitter does little for your SEO. A constant stream of fresh content on your blog is the single most cost-effective action you can take to maintain strong SEO for your web marketing initiatives. Also, Facebook and (especially) Twitter encourage quantity over quality. You can’t do a long, well thought out post on Twitter. You can do one on Facebook, but it is not the normal use case there.

Facebook and Twitter are important channels to communicate with your customers and future customers. Use them to connect with customers and drive the customers back to your blog, where you have total control of the environment. None of us knows what is going to happen to those services long term. If one goes out of businesses or even just changes a business model you could find yourself reliant on a platform that no longer serves your needs. Make sure the end of your online customer acquisition channel is on your website, where you have control.

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2 Responses to "Don’t Forget About Your Blog"

  1. nate parsons   on Tuesday, September 24

    you guys should consider a UX revamp of your blogs here! The current design makes this article look pretty ironic as the business channel of your blog hasn’t been updated in some time, making the whole blog look abandoned. If you all had a default “all blogs” listing and then let people break out into channels you’d probably avoid this feeling of neglect when you first come to this page.

    • Chris O'Donnell   on Tuesday, September 24

      That’s a good point. There are current posts in other categories – I’m not sure why we defaulted to the business category.


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