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Seven Reasons You Should Switch to Open Source

Open source software offers solutions that can be easily customized for both small and large  enterprises to fit specific needs. It has source code that is published and made available for users and other programmers to read, use and adapt for use in different projects – all at no cost. Because of this, open source technology offers a number of benefits.

  1. It’s cost effective.
  • Open source software and operating systems are generally free.
  • There are no licensing fees, which can save enterprises from hundreds to millions of dollars, depending on their size.
  • There are none of the required costs that come from being locked in to particular vendor, software or system, such as virus protection, technical support charges or ongoing upgrade expenses.
  • Total cost of ownership for optional support is generally less than comparable proprietary technical support fees.
  1. It frees you from vendor limits.
  • Open source has no vendor lock-in; the code and program(s) are yours to use as you need.
  • You get the free support of a whole community of developers and users, rather than only one vendor who will charge for ongoing technical support.
  • Open source software is much better at adhering to open standards which enable interoperability with other businesses, computers and users.
  1. It’s easy to use.
  • Open source software integrates easily with existing information systems, while open standards and architecture make it easy to migrate your content.
  • Open source software is well documented, offering a wide range of both free and commercial technical support options.
  • A broad range of information, instruction and tutorials are readily available to help you with implementing open source systems.
  • Open source APIs tend to be incredibly simple and user-friendly.
  1. It’s flexible.
  • Open source software will usually run well even on older hardware systems.
  • Since the code is open, it can be modified to add the functionalities you specifically want or need.
  1. It’s innovative.
  • Developers and users are working to add ground-breaking new features and enhancements to open source products every day.
  • Open source technology drives the most cutting-edge products and technologies in the world, including Android, Chromium, WordPress, Mozzilla and more.
  1. It’s reliable.
  • Open source software has freely readable and usable source code that is constantly reviewed, tested and improved by experienced developers and programmers to increase quality, reliability and stability.
  • You receive the benefits of continuous real-time improvement without having to perform manual updates.
  • Numerous open source based operating systems have been shown to literally run for years.
  1. It’s secure.
  • Because so many people can see and test the code, any flaws are caught and corrected quickly.
  • Any bugs in open source software tend to be fixed immediately, with patches often available before security flaws are even announced.
  • Computer viruses and Trojan horses are extremely rare because of the Unix nature and the constant peer review of source code.
  • The most common viruses simply do not work on open source platforms.

It is precisely because of these reasons that open sources software (OSS) solutions have become so popular. To learn more about open source technology, read the previous article in our series, What is Open Source Software? and Ten Facts and Figures About Open Source Software.

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