Ten Facts and Figures About Open Source Software

by Cindy Guignard | September 24, 2013 11:00 am

Open source software is the fastest-growing field in the IT industry. Likewise, it is quickly becoming the most popular type of software and software platform for enterprises of all sizes. Its cost-effectiveness, lack of vendor limits and controls, flexibility, reliability and ease of use all make it the best option for most businesses, organizations – and even government agencies. And the research supports this:

Most businesses today use open source technology

Every day, more and more enterprises turn to open source software solutions

The global open source software industry is one of the fastest-growing IT industries today

Clearly, open source software will continue to evolve and offer even more solutions that can be customized for specific business needs. To learn more about open source technology, read the previous article in our series, What is Open Source Software?[4] and Seven Reasons You Should Switch to Open Source[5].

As a leader in the market, NXC customizes and delivers open source solutions for content, collaboration and big data analytics to enterprises of all sizes. If you are interested in finding open source software solutions for your enterprise, NXC can help you. Contact us today[6] to learn more.



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