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What is open source?

Open source is the free sharing of technical information. Open source software is software with source code that is published and made available for users and other programmers to read, use and adapt for use in different projects – all without paying any direct fees for the software itself.

Open source code is generally created by groups of programmers collaborating. These programmers work together to improve the code and share the changes both publicly and within the community. Open source code often evolves through communities composed of individual programmers, as well as large companies.

With open source software:

  • You are not locked in with a vendor or software package, and the source code is yours to use, modify and share as needed.
  • You get support from a whole community of users and programmers free of charge.
  • You benefit from continuous real-time improvement and updating of the software.
  • You can count on the reliability and security of the software because of its transparent auditability.
  • You and others can see the source code, test it and evaluate it for yourselves.
  • You can expect almost zero vulnerability to viruses, eliminating the need for anti-virus software and the potential for data loss and downtime.
  • You enjoy open standards and architecture, which makes it easy to migrate content and integrate new software with your existing information system.
  • You have a much lower cost because the software is free of royalties and fees usually associated with the purchase of software and software platforms.
  • You have the freedom to modify your software as needed to fit your specific business needs.

It’s easy to see why open sources software (OSS) solutions have become so popular. Today’s enterprises come in more shapes and sizes than ever before. This means that the combination of specific software needs for any one company varies in so many ways that it is impossible for any single software program to meet all of their requirements.

In the past, enterprises were often faced with choosing software based on the best option available – or even based on the lowest-costing option – rather than on the one that actually fit all of their requirements. Luckily, open source software has evolved to offer solutions that can be customized for the specific needs of any business or organization.

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