Using Image Extension to Improve Media Handling in eZ Publish

by Denis Igin | June 10, 2014 8:18 am

For content-driven businesses, such as online magazines or news feeds, images are extremely important. Historically, eZ Publish has often been used for these types of websites, primarily due to its native separation of data and its presentation. Content editors and designers can work separately without conflicts and can easily publish pictures in multiple formats.

The default image editor in eZ Publish has many functions, but unfortunately, it is far from perfect. For example, once changes to a master copy are saved, all versions of the image are also updated accordingly. This is not always desirable, particularly when you want to highlight something in a smaller size view, but wish to leave a larger file intact.

The default image class in eZ Publish also has some limitations. Readers often want to know when, where and by whom a photo was taken, but can’t easily do so with the existing system. Editors need to find pictures fast by using keywords and other taxonomy tools, but the default image class does not offer this feature. Finally, contributors aim to save time when uploading and preparing large arrays of files, but the existing system is time consuming.

Clearly, there is a need for more advanced media handling in eZ Publish, and NXC has met this need with their new Image Extension.

Quick Access to Digital Inventory Using Image Extension

When you have thousands of images, how do you find an ideal illustration among them? The answer is of course to use a full text search – but a smart one. Image Extension allows you to use more than one dimension to scan through; for example, type of photo, celebrity portrayed, where or when the photo was taken, etc. The faceted navigation and autocomplete functions in this tool make finding the right image a whole lot easier.

Quick Access to Digital Inventory[1]

Convenient Batch Upload for Collections

Using Image Extension, you can simply drag and drop all of your files at once and enjoy the progress of the backend automatically crunching them. However, it is not simply a multi upload that is available for eZ Publish. Images are also cropped in three default versions: landscape, portrait or square, for better page layout options. If you don’t like what you see, you can always decide to select other viewable options later.

Convenient Batch Upload for Collections[2]

Advanced Image Editing Options

Image Extension also provides the ability to edit and repurpose image alterations while preserving the originally uploaded raw version of the content. If you made a mistake – no worries; just restore the image and try again, without messing up the rest of image variations. Crop until you drop!

Advanced image editing options[3]

Rich Content Metadata and Features

Images tell a better story when enhanced with supporting metadata. Relating to a map, timeline, or even a music genre boosts interactivity and result in user involvement. With Image Extension, some technical behavior can also be based on the saved information. For example, the event poster can be automatically hidden when it becomes obsolete.

Rich content metadata and features[4]

The final list of the features can be instantly enlarged due to integration with the Aviary engine. This includes, but is not limited to image enhancement, effects and framing tools.

Image Extension users can not only upload images quickly and easily edit them, they also have access to a range of additional editing tools. Content-driven businesses can save themselves time and better meet the needs of their viewers by using this improved tool which offers a flexible code structure and a variety of settings that can be adapted to your specific requirements. We invite you to get in touch with us[5] to see how Image Extension can be customized for your particular needs.


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