Google to start penalizing mobile redirects

If your website redirects mobile users to any page other than the mobile version of the exact page requested by the mobile browser, you are doing it wrong.

This is bad

www.example.com/article redirects to m.example.com

This is worse

www.example.com/article returns an error

This is best

www.example.com/article returns m.example.com/article – a mobile optimized version of the page ...

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Single Sign-On in eZ Publish

This is an example of how to create and use the Single Sign-On feature in eZ Publish.


We have multiple web sites based on eZ Publish that share a common database of users. This can be a single database or synced/imported users in several databases.

Our goal is to provide the ability ...

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One session across sub domains in eZ Publish

When a user visits a website, website.com for example, (or website.local for development purposes) and wants to log in to the site to access personal profile, this user should be logged in to all proper subdomains in case the user switches to another language.

Below is an example on how to use sub domains to define a language.

For ...

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eZ Publish Social Media Integration: Publishing

In the previous blog posts we demonstrated how to fetch data from social networks and use it in an eZ Publish template. This blog post describes how to easily post content to the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) from eZ Publish.

How it works

nxc_social_networks extension provides an ...

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